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We are your partner to make videos. Comprehensive solution for corporate videos, case studies, 2D and 3D animation, interviews, and much more.

We record anywhere, we deliver your edited video in 24 hours

A simple process will allow your company to make videos quickly, easily and at a reduced cost. 

The video agency you've always wanted

FlitCut provides a project manager Dedicated to ensure that all projects are perform on time and effectively. The constancy is the basis of any content strategy and the video is the best internal and external communication tool.

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Request a video for your brand in a few easy steps. Manage different projects at the same time easily and intuitively.


Create content anywhere and in less than 24 hours. We have optimized all production processes to provide the most efficient service.


Discover our Filmmakers. All professionals have the best equipment and are carefully selected experts.


Save time and money. Standardizing the product allows us to deliver fast and with below average prices.


Know at all times what you are spending. We have locked and accessible rates from the start. No budgets, no surprises.


Communicate your needs and we will be by your side. We are a team of people who want to see you grow and accompany you at all times.

Why FlitCut?

We have selected the best of traditional production companies and internal departments to create a complete solution to business problems.



traditional producer

internal department

record anywhere
Delivery in 24h
Flat rate and expense forecast
creative support included
Online access to all your videos
No accommodation and subsistence expenses
Available every day of the year
Always updated and quality material
Commitment to company values


In addition to the Project Manager, the filmmaker and the video editor, we advise you and help you prepare the content for your video.

Of course, we put at your disposal a catalog of extras that will allow you to add what is necessary to make the video to your needs. Depending on what you add, it may incur additional charges.

FlitCut is available in all cities in Europe every day of the year. We have a network of experienced content creators with cutting-edge material. Our headquarters is in Barcelona.

We are also present internationally, if you need videos outside of Europe, contact us.

The audiovisual world has not yet been able to adapt to the new times. Filmmakers often work in precarious conditions and companies have great difficulties in starting a video strategy that helps them improve their internal and external communication.

Although we still have a long way to go, at FlitCut we have selected the best of traditional producers and internal departments to create a complete solution to business problems.

In addition, all our filmmakers only work when they want or can, and they always get paid at the end of the month, without delays or defaults.

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