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5 Powerful Ways to Use Video for Employer Branding

Employer branding is one of the most important strategies to create value at the heart of companies. It is not only about getting to know our candidates and having a message to tell, but also about having a communication strategy that helps us transmit and reinforce this promise internally and externally. 

Video is the most powerful communication tool preferred by users and is vital to attract and retain our human team. Using video to improve employer branding is synonymous with vision of the future.

Let's see five ways to create more engaging videos that reinforce our brand values!

Don't tell us, show it!

An image can convey much more than a simple descriptive text. Writing about advantages and benefits of working in our company will be unbelievable and irrelevant. It's easy to make big hype ads but you're going to be really competitive when you're able to prove it with a video.

Try to cover everything you can with images: schedules, offices, even after-work. Conveying in less than 3 minutes the good atmosphere that is breathed in the office and some distinctive events that differentiate you from the competition is vital for the candidate to imagine their immediate future and the current employee to commit to their job. 

See how the offices and part of the team teach the company GymShark in London:

Interview your employees

Employee interviews are the best way to get an in-depth portrait of how our company works. It allows us to feed the website or social networks with small success stories within our staff and, why not, it helps us to get to know our employees directly. How they think, how they relate, their worries and their desires. 

These small interviews (1 to 3 minutes is ideal) generate a lot of empathy with the audience and give a lot of credibility to each department. In addition, they are videos that do not require much planning and that will not compromise the workday too much. Organize a different day for your team and have them answer a few simple questions: What inspires you about our brand? How is the work environment? How did you come to work here? 

Use social networks

What is the first thing that 80% of job applicants do? That's right, they stalk the company's social media. The first thing that will interest a potential employee is to know how the brand defines itself. Do you share my values? Do I identify with them? Do they have an atmosphere where I can fit in? Could I come to represent these values?

Using social networks solely for external marketing is deprecated. Check out the instagram account @Lifetatgoogle. It is a clear example of how to teach the experience that working at Google represents and how the employees themselves can interact globally. Video is the most popular, most visited and most engaged content on all social networks. Use it on all your accounts!

Use the creativity of your own employees

Values ​​such as trust, transparency and creativity are extremely important for any organization. Our employees will be happy to participate in any team building initiative and their ideas will be genuine and will transmit much more. 

The Employer Branding video of Typeform in Barcelona is more than just a video, it is an example of a shared project and cooperation between different departments. This symbiosis is such that they have turned it into a small documentary with more than 28K views on YouTube. 

Let the authenticity of your team speak for itself!

Lastly… turn video into a habit!

Communication never has to be one-way, but reciprocal. Encourage your employees to continue using video to communicate. There are hundreds of possibilities and the benefits are enormous: quarterly updates and company news in video format, presentations of new employees, senior employees, games, challenges...

Video is the language our team uses with their families and friends. Video is synonymous with sharing and now we have the opportunity to transport it within our offices to strengthen relationships, have more sense of humor and humanize our brand. Who is behind each department? What are your hobbies? How do they speak, what do they think? Give a voice to each of the people who make up our team while you build your brand identity.

As Human Resources managers, you have to take a step back, be honest and ask yourself: Is my company attractive? And, if it is, can I improve the way I communicate it to attract and retain the best talent? 

FlitCut we are not a video production company. We are an online platform that we have helped dozens of companies in Spain to start using video for their internal communications very easily and without increasing human resources budgets. Do you want to know how? Request a call and we'll tell you.