Company videos: YouTube or Vimeo?

YouTube and Vimeo are the two most powerful and widely used video broadcasting platforms on the entire web. The benefits of using them in any corporate communication strategy are enormous, however we do not always choose the best option or in the best way. 

In this article we are going to try to solve the eternal question of video marketing and help you plan the most important part of your content: Distribution. 

There is no one better than the other.

Obviously, the first thing we have to identify is the purpose of our company video. This can be internal or external. It can be thought from marketing, human resources or even be a product video, a training for our employees... etc.

We are going to identify the reason why our video has to have an online presence and decide based on this. 

Youtube and Vimeo achieve different goals. The users of each application are different profiles and their way of interacting and relating to the content is also different. In general terms we could summarize that: 

  • En Youtube the user is looking for content of an informative and/or entertainment nature with high popularity or virality rates. It is the preferred channel for inbound marketing.
  • En Vimeo the user looks for quality content (especially audiovisual) and a certain professionalism. It is the preferred channel for web design and embeds.

Does your communicative essence lie in having more visibility?  Youtube is your channel. 

The reality is that consumers prefer to watch a video rather than read, so searches multiply every day and YouTube has become the second most used search engine after Google. It goes without saying how important this is for your content strategy. 

Do you want to reinforce your brand and approach a very specific niche? Try Vimeo.

Vimeo It is the most used social network among video and design professionals. It is the platform where the most trendy works of the moment are and the image quality is a little better than on YouTube.

Where Vimeo mainly stands out is in the design of the player and the privacy settings, so if the main function of your videos is to be embedded in a web page or you want to appear a certain professionalism, Vimeo has a more optimal and customizable design.

Advantages and disadvantages of Vimeo and Youtube

Now that we have already pointed out the big differences between the two applications, we are going to delve into a series of characteristics that could help us to choose definitively between one or the other. 


YouTube is the clear winner in terms of views and reach that your video can have. The market is much higher (1000 billion users compared to Vimeo's 35 million) and the chances of going viral are much higher. Even so, the competition is also much greater and distinguishing yourself from the crowd is going to be very difficult, so depending on the type of content you are going to publish, it could have a better reception on Vimeo.

search optimization

YouTube is used as a search engine not only for videos, but for anything. As we have commented, it is the second most used globally and is as optimized for searches as its older brother Google. On the other hand, the Vimeo search engine is not as powerful and as an organic search tool it is not very functional. 


Both have analysis systems and tools to be able to track visits or quite complete behaviors. Anyway, youtube wins again by having a much more powerful search engine. 

Duration and storage. 

YouTube allows us to upload videos of a maximum length of 15 minutes. In the event that we want to upload longer videos, we could participate in the YouTube revenue program, but advertising would begin to appear in our content. Since we have no limit to upload different videos, the solution is usually to fragment them into different parts.

Vimeo, on the other hand, does not have a time limit, although it does have a size limit. In the free plan we can upload up to 500mb per week and up to 20gb in the payment plans. 

And what about mobile devices?

Both platforms have a mobile app and are well optimized for playing your videos on all devices. In any case, it must be remembered that the YouTube app is one of the most used in the world and that more than half of its videos are already consumed from smartphones. 

User Experience

Vimeo has removed advertising from its videos and has gone deeper than Youtube in its embedding options for its player on web pages. There are highly customizable design options that improve the user experience and make the way of viewing the videos very clear and elegant. 

In any case, Youtube is the most widely used player and does not offer any clear disadvantage beyond advertising.

Privacy and other functions. 

Vimeo has also taken care of the possibilities we have when sharing content. We can hide the links, put passwords and even give the possibility of downloading. One of its most attractive features is being able to replace the video using the same link. This is very useful if we want to update the material and do not want to lose the views obtained previously. 

YouTube in this sense, has slightly more limited privatization options. It allows us to share private links but only with 25 people who are registered on the platform. 

Where does your video fit?

Audiovisual content already dominates 80% of the network. Starting to use video at a corporate level will help convert more, generate more engagement among our employees and even optimize some company costs. Are we going to identify where your video can fit?

Vimeo is the preferred choice for branding, better web design, and better user experience. It usually works very well for paid online courses, internal trainings, or communications that go to a very specific niche. 

YouTube, on the other hand, is usually the best option for digital marketing, inbound content and solid analytics of how this content is working. Case studies, employer branding videos and value tutorials are massively searched daily and will help put video at the center of your company's communication strategy.

It's video time. Don't hesitate and let's talk to see what video needs your Company has.