What is video marketing and how does it benefit your company?

There are still people who, when asked what is video marketingThey answer that it is the future. We do not agree, because we believe that it is the present. Yes, because video marketing is a reality that many companies already use to attract customers. In fact, chances are your competition has been doing it for quite some time. Are you really going to be left behind? In this article, apart from explaining what video marketing is, We tell you everything it can do for your company.

In this video, the digital marketing agency Cyberclick explain it in great detail

What is video marketing

Video marketing is about incorporating videos into your marketing strategy. So it can be defined as the use of video pieces whose purpose is to help you achieve the objectives set out in your marketing plan.

benefits of video marketing

A correct implementation of video marketing can bring many benefits to your company. At FlitCut we want to share them with you. Introducing the power of video in the world of marketing.

Increase your conversions

A website without video can reach a good conversion rate. But if you have video, you can improve them a lot. A devastating fact: according to several studies, 9 out of 10 buyers say that the video helps them make the purchase decision. And if a landing page includes video, the conversion increases by 80%. It's like thinking about it.

Improve your positioning

video marketing and SEO These are two strategies that can bring many benefits to your business. So, can you imagine what would happen if you combined them? A video, thanks to its duration, makes the user stay longer on our page. Besides, attract traffic to your website, among others, because Google prioritizes videos over other content formats. And posts with videos are more likely to be shared, which favors your link building, which in turn improves your SEO.

Improve engagement

Videos are a powerful machine for generating deep impressions on the audience. In a video, to convey a message, you can play with the locution, the sounds, the images and the effects of the montage. If you use these resources well, it will be difficult for the receiver of the video to forget your brand. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of people remember a brand better after having seen a video of it.

People likes it

People like video marketing because it is easier and more enjoyable to consume than other formats. Let's face it: if a video is of quality, it is easier to digest than a text. A proof of this is that only one in 10 people who follow a brand don't watch their videos. Also, the chances of a video going viral are higher than any other content format.

As you can see, content in video format can yield many benefits for your business. in flit cut we have a subscription service in which we create videos on a recurring basis for many companies. What are you waiting for to start?