Types of corporate videos and which one to use according to your goals

Experts say that the trend for 2021 will continue to be the audiovisual sector and video marketing. Companies must begin to implement solutions to not be left behind. Corporate video is a fundamental part of any marketing strategy. And it is expected to continue to be so for the next year. It is not surprising, 80% of the information that people receive is through the eyes.

The good thing about corporate videos is that, if done well, they can be very effective, but for this it is necessary have expert professionals, like those who make up the FlitCut team. There are different types of Corporate videos depending on the objectives to be achieved.

It is very important create the right message and adapt it to the audiovisual language. Depending on the objective, creativity and style will have to be adjusted. In addition, it must be aligned with the values ​​and vision of the company.


These are the corporate videos that will continue to be a trend in video marketing 2021 and that will help you grow your business.

informative videos

If you are looking to publicize your company or improve your brand image, an informative video is the best option for you. They are usually videos that are used to publicize some type of strategic information related to the company or any of the products it sells. Therefore, recording a video of this type is a great idea if you want to improve the image of the brand.

Product Demo made by FlitCut

Demonstration videos and tutorials

In this type of video the company shows the audience how it works of one of your products or services. Or, for example, also of its internal functioning. Or to share with her some valuable information that can help them in some way and for free. These types of videos are very effective when it comes to improving your engagement with the target audience of your business.

Masterclass made by FlitCut

advertising videos

The goal of advertising videos is to get an increase in sales. Publicize some of your products or services to offer them to your audience, put them on the market. To do this, in these videos you have to show the benefits that your target audience can find in the product or service that you offer, and not its characteristics.

Advertising made by FlitCut


In the testimonial videos the protagonists are your customers. In them they will count the testimony based on their own experience, and in the first person, after having tried your services or products. This is the type of video that you should use if your goal is to improve your authority within the sector to which you belong. These videos are also used to differentiate you from your competitors. One way to do this, for example, is by including testimonials that highlight your company's value proposition.

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In addition, you can target any of these videos to which improve your positioning SEO in search engines through the titles and meta descriptions that you embed.

As you can see, the video marketing trends 2021 they imply continuing to bet on corporate videos. What are you waiting for to have yours?

If you want to know more about corporate videos for your company, write to us and we will advise you together with our Video Project Manager on your current needs. We also leave you at your disposal, our Youtube channel where we have uploaded the video: video marketing trends 2021, among many other novelties that you cannot miss.