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How to make professional product videos? | We help you

Currently, videos are a basic ingredient for a marketing strategy. Above all, if you contemplate its promotion through social networks. The videos can be of all kinds: in some cases they will be promotional videos for services; but, in others, they will be recorded to promote a product and make it known to the public. They are essential to reach your potential buyers. Therefore, the recording of product videos should not be done lightly. It is important entrust them to expert personnel en how to make product videos.

product videos

This does not mean that you do not have any role in the recording and production of the video. Nothing is further from reality. Before starting the creation process of the video as such, you have to take several steps. They are as important as the recording and production of the video itself, and in them you have a lot to say. By combining both parties, and the work of various teams, including a professional video recording team, it is possible to achieve professional product videos, which manage to attract, hook and convince at the same time. Let's see how to do it.

How to make professional product videos: preliminary steps

Among the first recommendations that are given when talking about how to make professional videos is plan it to the millimeter. This means that all the steps prior to the start of your recording are crucial. and the first is be clear about the audience you want to target. That is, the type of consumers the product is focused on, because they will be the ones you will have to direct the video to.

In addition, you should also establish at this point what goals do you want to achieve with the video. These do not have to be solely the sale of the product and make it known. You may also, for example, want to bring the public closer to your brand or convey certain feelings about it. EITHER increase traffic on your website or the one in which the product is located.

With this clear, it is time to start asking yourself questions about the video. The first, choose the type of product video what do you want to record It is an important step for those who know how to make professional product videos. Without this clear, they cannot do it. It can be a demonstrative video of some characteristic of the product, or one that reports on its characteristics. You can also make an explanatory video, with Tutorials about its operation. With this decided, you have to choose the tone, but Not because the video is professional does it have to be serious. This will depend on both the type of product and the audience you are targeting. 

Daniel Schiffer is a benchmark in the audiovisual world.

Script and work with professionals

At this point you can start working on it script, although it is likely that you prefer to do it already in collaboration with the company that will be in charge of recording it. They will be able to suggest ideas, and even a whole plot if you don't have much of an idea where to start. Furthermore, since They have professional recording equipment. and scenarios prepared to record, they will know exactly what can be done in the video and what can't.

When you have the script ready, it's time to create the storyboard or storyboard. This is from work with a designer or illustrator in the imaging that conform to what is expressed in the script to refine the details about what the video will be like. Of course, depending on the type of video chosen, the weight of the designer in the process will have more or less relevance.

With everything decided, and with the script and storyboard ready, it's time to prepare for the recording. The team in charge of it will take care of all the details, which facilitates the process and ensures a good final result. It will be enough to explain the type of video you want to make, its format, tone, target audience and places where it will be published and distributed for them to start working. With the script and the storyboard ready, to which in many cases they will contribute their experience and advice, the video of your product will be ready, recorded by professionals, soon.

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