10 Tips on How to Script an Explainer Video

Type A script for recording a video It is not a simple process, although it is necessary to go through it, since it is essential for the result to be the best. A video, especially one in which it is intended to explain the qualities or functions of a product or service, must be planned to the millimeter. Therefore, before recording, you have to manage different issues such as who will speak in the video and what they will do. That is, you have to write your script. But, how to make a script?

Below you will discover several Tips to help you shape and, with a little ingenuity and imagination, create the perfect script so that the result you get with your explanatory video is the best.

parts of a script

Before you start, you have to know that a script has several parts. They are essentially three: the greeting and the approach, el core and contents, and closing and farewell. Of these, the first and last will be shorter, and the bulk of the video content will be for the core. For this reason, the second part of the script will be the one that lasts the longest, and the one that you will have to take care of and pay attention to the most, especially in an explanatory video.

the greeting is simple: must appear as a brief introduction in which, whoever is going to speak in the video will welcome the viewers. Then, after the greeting, you have to Briefly explain what is going to be discussed in the video. Then you must develop it in the core of the script, and then conclude with the closing.

In this, in addition to the farewell, you have to let the audience know if you want them to get in touch with you or do you want do some action. For example, visiting a website, subscribing to a video channel, following you on social networks, etc. This is especially important if the video is designed to be posted on video portals like YouTube o Vimeo.

How to make a video script?

If you want to know how to make a video script without mistakes, in addition to knowing its parts, you have to know what process you should follow to create it. This also has three parts: summary, drafting y experiment. I mean, you have to start with write, in a generic way and without dialogues, what will be the topic of the video and what do you want to explain in it. Also, you must ask you several questions, among them: what do you want to achieve with the video, who do you want to address with it, what will be its most outstanding points and what you want to convey.

When you have it, you will have developed a script skeleton. This one must contain all its main parts, so that it can serve as a base so that you do not forget any step when developing it. At this point, the script should already have the base of all its elements, including dialogues. In addition, take care not to forget any, since they must be reflected in full detail.

Also, you should take into account that as it is an explanatory video you do not have to skimp on details of the explanation what do you want to give yes, have be careful not to be repetitive. If not, the video will be boring and will not attract the audience. you have to try find a balance.

Once the script is finished, do a test to see how it turned out, and make the changes you create appropriate until satisfied.

These are the basic tips that you have to follow when wondering how to write a script for an explanatory video. If you follow them, you shouldn't have any problem getting the desired result. Remember that if you have doubts, Do not doubt ask the company for help to go to take care of the recording, video production and post-production, as it happens with FlitCut. Do you dare to try it?