How does video marketing affect the customer experience? 

Take care of the Customer experience It is an essential marketing action for the good health of any business. It is defined as the sum of all the experiences that the customer, or potential customer, may have with the company. There are many ways to connect with customers, but without a doubt video is the most powerful. In fact, its use is so widespread among businesses of all kinds, that customers who cannot find corporate videos on the websites of some businesses; They tend to mistrust them.

As you see, the absence of video marketing negatively affects in a business or website. But their presence can have a very positive effect on the customer experience. We explain how.

Allows them to connect with the brand

According to a study, mobile users spend 5 hours a day browsing the Internet. And from that time, 80% dedicate it to consuming content in the form of video. I mean, people are hungry for videos. Therefore, a video marketing strategy can make a customer experience much more satisfactory. And this, in turn, will contribute to triggering the engagement of the brand itself. In addition, you can post them on the social media accounts of your business.

How does video marketing affect the customer experience? 

Video marketing makes the customer experience more entertaining

If users resort to videos during their Internet browsing sessions, it is for various reasons and advantages that present. But the main one is that It is the most entertaining way to consume content that exists. For this reason, the inclusion of video within the marketing strategy is considered a fundamental aspect to improve the customer experience. And this is so because it is very easy to consume. But also very comfortable, since it does not require a great effort on the part of the client.

Potential customers want to know who you are

Many times, what separates a potential client from becoming a client is you. That is, many people before buying want to know who they are buying from. Therefore, a video in which you introduce yourself, explain who you are and what your company does and what its values ​​are, can exponentially improve the customer experience. So now you know: take the opportunity to make yourself known through this format if you want your client to feel more comfortable.

Solve customer doubts

The video is the ideal format for you to solve all the doubts that the visitor to your website may have in one sitting. Many times, all these doubts, when they remain unresolved, represent a barrier for the purchase to become effective. And it is the client who has to take the trouble to investigate through the menus of the site until solving them. However, if you offer them all resolved through a video, your experience as a customer will be much more satisfactory. And, by the way, it will help you increase your sales.

As you can see, improve customer experience through video marketing it will not only make you feel more comfortable during the purchase process. It can also help you increase sales. in flit cut we are experts in video marketing. We speak?