music for promotional videos

The importance of music for promotional videos

Do you know why Eleanor Rigby, the famous Beatles song, is a favorite of many people? It is not because of the letter or because of its message, although both help, of course. It is because of those violins, violas and cellos that give it a sound so different from the usual of the band. Those string instruments add heartbreak and an aura of despair. Emotions, after all, is precisely what adds the music for promo videos to the most effective productions.

The elements of a promotional video and its objectives

Music for promotional videos is one more element of this method of business communication, the one that gives cohesion to all of them.

A good promotional video must have its objectives clear; whether these are attracting more public, inciting sales or reinforcing the brand image. To comply with them, you must include the following elements:

  • Un clear message that combines image, text and sound.
  • Must draw attention of the public to which it is directed.
  • It is a good idea to contain amazing elements.
  • It must cause some kind of brand connection.
  • Of course, it is essential that the production be of quality.

All these elements are integrated into a video production in two fundamental ways: image and text.

La image it appeals directly to the visual, triggers impulsiveness and is designed taking into account a whole series of proven strategies related to the psychology of the recipient of the video (who can be a client, an employee or a lead).

music for promotional videos

El text is directed to the most rational part of the brain, is in charge of launching the main message, sending the details and adding extra persuasion. The language used, the tone of the voice-over if there is one, the length and musicality of the sentences, etc. are combined to compose all kinds of messages.

What role does the music for promotional videos play in the final result?

If image and text take care of all of the above, what is the importance of music for promotional videos? The answer is simple and to some extent obvious: a good musical base fulfills three fundamental functions in any video production:

  1. Avoid silences in the case that you do not want there to be fragments without sound. Some videos use nature effects instead of music, but more often than not, there is a musical soundtrack in most promotional productions.
  2. underline the message. The promotional video uses storytelling techniques to persuade, which means that the stories it tells have a beginning, a middle, an end, its protagonists have to overcome obstacles and, finally, reach a happy ending. Music for promo videos helps viewers know where they are in the story.
  3. Manipulate the most emotional part of the viewer precisely to create the connection between potential customer and brand. Each musical sequence, each tempo, corresponds to one or several emotions. Only professionals know how to play with this element to get the best out of it.

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