6 creative video marketing ideas to reach your audience

You may be interested in producing a promotional video, or you may want to address your employees in an effective and innovative way to improve the work environment or communicate the company's objectives. And also you may not know where to start. That's why we bring you 6 video marketing ideas with which you will reach your audience and much further!

Internal Video Marketing Ideas

1. Communicate the vision of your company

The main thing is that you do not resort to the typical format. Your employees know where they work. Turn them into protagonists, let them express themselves and then count on assembly professionals to get your message across to the general public. You will gain in authenticity and human warmth.

2. Take the temperature at your office

Have a camera conduct a question round in one or several departments. All on the same topic. This way you will know what atmosphere is breathed in your company, what is the pulse of your workplace. And you can post the video on a internal strategy session to improve everything that can be improved.

3. Communicate daily

For example, sending everyone a short video with a daily thought or reflection. You just have to be careful not to turn out to be fake. Be yourself and offer your best face. You will be surprised by engagement which will be generated between your own template.

video marketing
Communicate daily, using video marketing on a recurring basis

Creative ideas for videos destined for the outdoors

To build trust in your business, there are plenty of video marketing ideas you can get up and running that don't require a great script. Although you will need a professional team so that the production has the best possible quality. Here are some of those ideas.

4. Thank your customers

As much as the benefits of a good after-sales service are talked about, it will never be enough. Complete your work with a video thanking those people without whom your company would not exist. Involve everyone: from the managers to the janitor. All of them depend on the end customer.

5. Give those customers the floor

You can talk as much as you want about your products or services. And you may do it great, with passion. But nothing will work better to attract new customers than testimonials from other satisfied customers. This may be the most effective of all the marketing ideas we have brought to the table. And it is that nothing can replace a user who genuinely recommends your company. No script, no pressure: one on one with your potential customers.

6. What if your videos are made directly by them?

It is a content marketing strategy that works great with image and text. Why not with video? Social networks allow your customers to record short videos to upload to those platforms. Putting together a longer video with the best opinions about your business will create an amazing community that is already convinced that you are the best. And the investment is minimal. You will only need the permissions and good video editing professionals.

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