5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos

Barcelona is undoubtedly one of the most attractive cities in Europe. At all levels. Both to live in it and to visit it and get to know every last one of its most special corners. but also for immortalize it in photographs and videos. Of course, to choose its most special corners for recording videos of all kinds. From feature films to small videos for social networks, We have all seen movies or videos set in Barcelona.

The majority in corners chosen for their beauty or meaning. Few are recorded randomly, and it is common for teams tasked with locating recording sites, such as those of FlitCutspend a lot of time searching locations in Barcelona. If you want to record in Barcelona and you don't have time to look for locations, don't worry. Here are some of the most prominent.

Locations in Barcelona to record videos

Due to the variety of areas and different constructions carried out over many centuries and with many styles, there is quite a variety of locations in Barcelona in urban areas that are worth recording. Here are some of the most prominent:

1. San Felipe Neri Square

This little one square of the Gothic Quarter It is perfect for recording videos with a somewhat dark theme. It is several centuries old and often goes unnoticed by the masses of tourists. At its center is an octagonal fountain, surrounded by Baroque-style buildings. Among them there is a church, on whose façade there is still damage from the bombings of 1938 in the civil war.

5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos – Plaza San Felipe Neri

2. Arc del Gótic (Carrer del Bisbe)

It is probably the most emblematic point of the Gothic Quarter. This little street, with its gothic style arch, is perfect for videos about the city of Barcelona. It is one of the most special points in terms of architecture in the city, although it has a downside: it is always very crowded.

5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos – Arc del Gótic (Carrer del Bisbe)

3. Arc de Triomf

We continue with the arches with the Arc de Triunf, located in a secluded area of ​​the center. That's why you'll have fewer problems recording if you don't want other people to appear in the video. Is in Passeig Lluís Companys, next to the metro stop of the same name. This bow allows you to play with the planes, and offers many possibilities of focus. At his side, in addition, there is two palm tree walks, which makes the environment more pleasant.

5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos – Arc de Triomf

4. Laribal Gardens

If you are looking for an environment rich in vegetation that looks like an Italian garden in Italian Tuscany, these gardens are perhaps the most appropriate locations in Barcelona. situated en Montjuic, and were created for the 1929 International Exposition. They are dotted with fountains, waterfalls, sculptures and an endless number of cypresses, as well as housing what is considered the first public rose garden planted in the city.

5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos – Jardines de Laribal

5. Barceloneta Beach with the W Hotel

The most famous beach in Barcelona and perhaps also the busiest is one of the most special locations in Barcelona to record videos. Especially at sunset, when it has been emptied of walkers and tourists. The best recording point is parallel to the sea, with the popular Hotel W in the background. The setting and the light will give the video a special touch.

5 locations in Barcelona to record the best videos – Barceloneta Beach with the Hotel W

These are five of the most outstanding locations in Barcelona for the Video recording. If you therefore want to record one in Barcelona, suggest them to the recording team of your video to see if they find them suitable or if they can suggest similar ones. Dare to propose them and record on them!