how much does a video cost

How much does a video cost for a company? Ultimate Cost Guide

As with most creative disciplines, the response to how much does a video cost for a company it can be very vague. And it is that there are many elements that make the total price vary from one video to another. From the company you decide to work with to the type of video (animation or live action) or the professionals who participate in it. 

Before we dive into the hard numbers, we want to make a point: no matter how much budget you have, video marketing works. What happens is that sometimes greater doses of creativity are needed. For example, if you decide to invest in equipment and produce your own videos. 

how much does a video cost

How much does a video cost for a company?

Marketing video production outsourcing costs can range from €1.200 for a basic video and up to €50.000 for a premium video. As you can see, the range is more than wide.

The decision on what type of video to order, however, is not made so much based on costs as based on objectives.  

For example, an explanatory video Communicates a unique selling proposition convincingly. Since this type of video will be available 24/7, and you'll probably put it on the home page of your website or distribute it in bulk, you want it to be of the highest possible quality.

By contrast, if your main goal is to generate traffic organic search through video content, perhaps it is best not to hire an external company, but to invest in the equipment and produce your own content.

How much does it cost to outsource the production of a video?

The cost of outsourcing an explainer video varies drastically, depending on:

  • Video length
  • video style
  • Experience of the professionals involved

Video length

The longer the video, the more work will be required in post-editing; the more work post-editing requires, the higher the cost. Keep in mind that the rates are not usually charged by the hour, but by working days. The reason for this is that most of the work is done off set, once the footage is already shot.

video style

The number of days the production studio needs will depend on the creative concept. A simple 3-minute video can take up to 3 days to shoot, while a more complex video of the same minute length can take up to 14 days. As the rates are still daily, the cost will depend on the duration.

Professional experience

In many cases, the best qualified professionals charge a higher price for their services than the rest. The investment results in quality, of course. Although it must be you, considering your budget and your objectives, who decides if the cost is worth it.

If you take a look at the FlitCut rates, you will see that our prices They fit the market like a glove. If you only need a video occasionally, the price is €1.200. But we also offer you the possibility of collaborating periodically or adjusting a personalized price according to your specific needs.

Our advice? Contact us and together we will come up with the best solution to solve your marketing needs.