Produce quality corporate video

Quality corporate video: how to produce it

The production of a quality corporate video is as important as bread in a balanced diet! Without it, your business message will be lost in the vast ocean of mediocrity. But don't worry, we are here to help you! Here are some tips so you can produce a corporate video worthy of being seen by your potential clients!

Tips to get the best result

1. Pre-production

Define your goal

Before you start producing your video, it is important that you are clear about what your goal is. For example, asking if what you want is to show a particular product or service, or do you want to publicize your company or promote an event?

Once you are clear about your goal, you can focus your efforts on creating content that meets it. 

Choose a reliable production team

The quality of your video will largely depend on the equipment you choose to produce it. Make sure you hire professionals who are experienced in producing corporate videos and have a good track record of previous work. For example 😜

The following steps can be delegated to the audiovisual production company itself to manage it or can be carried out by the client himself according to his needs and priorities.

Create a solid script

The script is the backbone of your corporate video! Be sure to include relevant information and present it clearly and concisely, you don't want to bore your audience with endless chatter! It's also important that the script has a logical flow and is easy to follow.

Choose a suitable location

The location in which the video will be recorded is essential to achieve quality production. Be sure to choose a location that fits the theme of the video and has good lighting and acoustics.

Good location for your shoot

Use good lighting and sound

Lighting and sound are essential accessories for your corporate video, without good lighting and sound, your video will be like a party without music!

Make sure you have professional lighting and sound equipment and use it properly to achieve a quality production. In short, make sure your corporate video lighting and sound is up to scratch! 

Importance of good lighting

2. Production


It is time to record the video. It is the implementation of all the ideas thought in pre-production. You must follow the script and make sure that you are recording at the places and times planned. We are talking about the most important part.

At this stage, the camera crews, sound technicians, the artistic direction and decoration team, lighting designers, make-up artists...

If you're working with actors or interviewees, it's important to make sure they feel comfortable and relaxed so that their performance feels as natural as possible.

Production stage, filming

3. Post production

use good editing

Editing is essential to achieve a quality corporate video. Make sure you have a professional editing and post-production team and use state-of-the-art editing tools to achieve quality production.

Learn more about the benefits:

promote your video

Once you have finished producing your corporate video, it is important that you promote it so that it reaches your target audience.

It is important to post the video on relevant platforms and promote it on social media, website and other online platforms. It's important to choose the right platforms based on your target audience and campaign goals.

Research your audience

It is important to understand who your audience is and what they are interested in. Research what type of content they prefer and how they respond to different styles of production. In this way, you can create a video that is attractive to them and that meets your marketing goals.

Use proper language

It is important to use language that is understandable to your audience and that suits your target audience. If your audience is technical, use technical terms, but if your audience is general, use simple, easy-to-understand language.

Use special effects sparingly

It's important not to overuse special effects, as they can be distracting to your audience. Use special effects sparingly and make sure they are necessary to tell your story.

Add special effects to your video

Don't underestimate the power of storytelling

Storytelling is essential to connect with your audience and convey your message effectively. Make sure you tell an interesting and exciting story that is relevant to your audience.

Now you know how to produce a decent corporate video!

Summing up, you have to take into account some important details: careful planning, reliable production team, adequate distribution strategy, research on your audience, adequate language, attractive visual presentation, moderate use of special effects and a good story to tell. 

With these tips and following current trends in the production of Corporate videos, your video will be a success and will make your audience stay glued to the screen until the end. Don't forget the popcorn!