About us

FlitCut is a pioneering video solution that facilitates affordable and streamlined scaling of your video production.

December 14 2018

After 4 years working in the world of advertising, the idea of ​​changing the paradigm of traditional video production companies was born. The purpose: to simplify video production for companies.

June 12 2019

We join efforts with a Digital Marketing Agency, knowing that the present and future of all companies go through the online channel.

20 April 2020

We are in the midst of a pandemic, but our motivation is more powerful than any virus. We managed to launch the FlitCut MVP and sign the first clients. Without funding, based on bootstrapping.

Summary of the year

We create an incredible team, we film all over Spain with top-level Creators, Multinationals trust us for their most important videos, we film celebrities and our videos are played hundreds of millions of times around the world.

Summary of the year

We created the Play Your Brand group, we continue to attract incredible clients and those from last year continue to trust us, we tripled the team, changed offices, made more than 315 videos in 15 different countries, expanded our network of creators and joined forces with very top.

Video is the tool but stories are our passion.

Years of Experience

The importance of video