The integral solution for the creation of videos of your company

We provide a complete video production solution for your company, encompassing both internal and external communication needs, and catering to all departments of your organization.

A full team just for you

Any of our plans includes, at least, three professionals who are experts in their function, so as not to place all responsibility on a single technician, in addition to saving time and quality.

Project Manager

He is the person in charge of managing each of your company's projects. Each FlitCut client is assigned a project manager, so that the interlocutor is always the same.


A Filmmaker is an expert cameraman who will be in charge of recording everything that is necessary for the project to be a success. We have a presence throughout Spain.


At FlitCut we have a team of editors who work to get the best result from each video. They adapt to the styles of your company and the requirements of each project.

Manage everything from our platform

By subscribing you will have access to your own Hub, where you will find all your videos as well as all the necessary information to comply with your video strategy.

Communicating on video is no longer an obstacle

Use our calculator to see how much you can save with a FlitCut subscription

How does your company currently produce videos?
Do you have your own equipment or rent it?
How long do these videos usually last on average?Choose 1 option, the most frequent
Normally how much technical equipment is there?Choose 1 option, the most frequent
How often do you use special equipment such as drones, still photography, ...?Choose 1 option, the most frequent

Cost calculations FC videos without extras

Own material calculations

duration calculations

Technical team calculations

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Special equipment calculations 2

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Special equipment calculations 3

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Company total cost calculations

FC total cost calculations

Potential savings per video
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Potential annual savings
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Communicating on video is no longer an obstacle

Our experts in video strategies will help you find the best solution for your business videos.

Why FlitCut?

We have selected the best of traditional production companies and internal departments to create a complete solution to business problems.



traditional producer

internal department

record anywhere
Delivery in 24h
Flat rate and expense forecast
creative support included
Online access to all your videos
No accommodation and subsistence expenses
Available every day of the year
Always updated and quality material
Commitment to company values

Better solution than a traditional production company?

Thanks to the subscription model, FlitCut becomes one more member of your company, with much more personalized treatment and parallel growth. A much more participative, active and continuous service of the global communication of your company.

Better solution than a Freelance Filmmaker?

In addition to not putting all the weight of a production on a single technician, we have filmmakers residing in every city in the country, which makes it easy to create videos anywhere, any day of the year. At FlitCut we certify the quality of our filmmakers to meet current standards.

Do you have questions about how FlitCut works?

We put our team at your disposal.