Publish a Video on the Internet

The 5 things you should keep in mind before posting a video

If you want to POST A VIDEO on your company's website, there are several things you should keep in mind ▶ We'll tell you about them!

Company videos: YouTube or Vimeo?

YouTube and Vimeo are the two most powerful and widely used video broadcasting platforms on the entire web. The benefits of using them in any corporate communication strategy are enormous, however we do not always choose the best option or in the best way.


4 video examples for your e-commerce

Every day there are more buyers who choose to use digital rather than face-to-face. The main advantages are that you don't have to travel to find what you're looking for, you can get the best price and, what's more, they deliver it to your home.

Why use videos in your LinkedIn strategy?

Why use videos in your Linkedin strategy?

LinkedIn has become a fundamental tool for all those companies that have other companies as clients.