videos to attract talent

How to use videos to attract talent to your company

With the advent of the digital world, human resources and recruitment departments have evolved and radically transformed. From the growth of social media in the recruitment process to more informed and prepared candidates, attracting outstanding talent is very difficult in such a competitive market.

Now, more than ever, it is about attracting and seeking commitment from the most suitable candidates for our organizations, and, when it comes to generating employer branding or recruitment campaigns via marketing, video is the most efficient tool to influence and transmit the values ​​of our company. In this article we are going to review different options for video recruitment strategies and their benefits for human resources. 

Video is the preferred strategy for LinkedIn

With the advent of the internet, it is not surprising that human resources departments take advantage of channels such as company websites or social platforms for their recruitment process. HR has adapted very well to the digital world and now is the time to follow the biggest current trend in content: video. Linkedin puts it very bluntly: "To reach people, especially the ones you want to hire, video needs to be an integral component of your recruiting strategy."

Videos for recruitment and employer branding

Traditional methods such as job descriptions are relevant but insufficient. Pinpointing key responsibilities, experience or qualifications for some jobs is important for an early recruiting phase, but using video will help you better communicate what your company is looking for. Through video it is more natural to require skills such as problem solving, innovation, teamwork or leadership. Video is one of the most direct communication tools and will help position the role within a company, culture or set of values, making it easy for potential candidates to imagine how they might fit in.

A company's employer branding defines its reputation as a workplace, and in today's saturated marketplace, video can differentiate your value proposition from the competition.


HR videos like “a day at work” generate engagement and attract more talent. It is important to promote elements such as purposes, values ​​or benefits since they show the culture of a company and its credibility as a place to develop a successful career. LinkedIn warns that the No. 1 pre-job application problem for Millennials and Gen Z is difficulty envisioning what it would be like to work at a company. The good news is that video is specially trained to fix this. 

videos to attract talent

How to create professional and engaging talent videos

Producing quality videos that are seductive and in line with the company's values ​​is not easy and requires planning. Having an internal department or a strategic partner that is an expert in video is going to be a real competitive advantage for any organization, but in this article we have prepared a series of tips that can help us prepare the content and guide how this video could be. . Go for it:

  1. Build expectation. Your message has to be powerful and ask a question at the beginning of the video. Promise an answer towards the end, but always leave something for later. 
  2. Use the emotion. We have to create a narrative that generates empathy with the audience. Defining characters with objectives and conflicts to overcome will help us identify with them. 
  3. Express yourself with a specific style. Film different elements that reinforce the values ​​of the brand in a strong and positive way. These can be very different, from confidence and security, to youth, innovation... but whatever they are: everything in the image has to breathe these values, from lighting to acting or costumes. 
  4. Be honest and transparent. Look for messages that directly relate to the candidate experience, show that you understand them and that you share their goals.
  5. Report the details. It alerts candidates to all the context they need to make an informed decision about your company. It is important to be suggestive and insinuate some values, but it is also necessary to work for the trust of the workers in the company. 
  6. Get attention. Be creative, direct. Companies in any sector are renewing themselves and competition is high. A fresh and daring video may be the best option to stand out.
  7. Try the interactive video. Videos that promote user interaction such as "choose your own adventure" work like surveys and questionnaires giving a lot of valuable information about the candidate but in a much more attractive way. Check out this example from Deloitte:

Creating a recruitment campaign in a series of videos is a growing trend shared by startups and multinationals. The style and form they have will depend a lot on the sector of each company, the position they are interested in capturing and different elements such as urgency, benefits or business culture. In any case, it will be very important to give value to these new strategies to optimize the onboarding of workers and be a benchmark in our sector. 

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