Media for your video marketing strategy

video marketing strategy Open new possibilities for the diffusion of your products and services. Not only because of the number of topics that can be covered in them, but also because of the variety and amount of media in which video is the format that has the best results.

A relatively short time ago, videos could only be broadcast on television, but little by little, media appeared on the Internet with which to expand their dissemination.

These media are of all kinds: from video portals to television channels that broadcast exclusively over the Internet. Passing, of course, through the different social media. This leads not only to having a multitude of dissemination possibilities for videos. Also to have to start a strategy with videos of different themes and formats for each one of them, due to the peculiarities and type of audience that each one has. But first you need to know how to propose, in broad strokes, a marketing strategy. video marketing, and what means of communication do you have to distribute them.

Video marketing strategy: media planning

Within a video marketing strategy, you must choose, before selecting the media, the target audience you want to target. Of course, you must first be clear what kind of message do you want to communicate. Also, you have to think if you can create more than one type of content for what you want to communicate. As we will see later, not all types of content work the same on the same media, so you will have to plan to record several. And in different formats.

After thinking about the types of videos you want to create, it's time to select media based on audience who usually congregate The youngest will feel a predilection for TikTok or Instagram. Meanwhile, the older public will be concentrated around television and more general networks, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Media for your video marketing strategy

Mass media for broadcasting videos

In addition to the conventional television channels, as we have mentioned, there are also several smaller ones that work exclusively on the Internet. In this type of media, advertisements for more conventional products, as well as video news and interviews, usually work very well. For the videos designed for the web virtually any format can be used: commercials, tutorials, music videos, etc. Regarding the video portals and social networks, the most prominent and popular, which you should take into account in your video marketing strategy, are the following: 

YouTube and Vimeo: the first is the video and streaming portal par excellence over the Internet. In it, popular with all kinds of audiences, content related to tutorials, tricks, explanatory videos and product tests work very well. The second is used for professional and music videos, mostly. 

Stories from various social networks: available on the main social networks, such as Facebook o Instagram, the stories are short videos with which to seduce the public in seconds. Due to its characteristics, it is necessary to make short and very direct recordings, with a hook. 

TikTok: this social network, dedicated exclusively to video, has a very high acceptance among the younger public. Therefore, it is the perfect means of communication for companies that seek their target audience among themselves. Of course, the videos have to be very direct and imaginative.

IGTV: the instagram tvIGTV, has an independent application and allows longer videos to be broadcast than on other social networks; about 10 minutes for normal accounts, and up to an hour for verified ones. This gives rise to informative content, detailed explanations of how to use products, etc. Of course, we must bear in mind that on IGTV only vertical videos are broadcast.

These are the main means of communication, both conventional and through the Internet, that you can use in your video marketing strategy. You only have to choose the ones that gather the most target audience for your products, decide which videos to record, and have professionals such as FlitCut, that they take care of their recording based on your ideas.