Trends in video marketing 2021 | Meet your goals

2020 is about to end, and the arrival of 2021 implies changes in all kinds of sectors. Among them, in marketing, a sector in constant evolution in which video has carved out such an important niche that practically no strategy of a certain depth is conceivable without video as the protagonist. The video marketing trends in 2021 are very important for marketing teams to be able to equip their strategies with What will most attract consumers?

Throughout 2020 several trends have been consolidated within marketing. Of these, one of the most striking is the public predilection for audiovisual content. That is, consumers prefer to hear and see than read. Therefore, Reaching them through video is essential to introduce new products and services. And, even, to take them practically by the hand until their purchase or contracting. Videos are the marketing tool of the moment, so video marketing trends in 2021 must not be neglected when developing any strategy. These are some of the most prominent:

Trends in video marketing 2021: animation and explanation

Videos that offer something beyond the mere announcement of a product or service are not exactly new. Within them, the explanatory videos or tutorials. Especially on platforms like YouTube; and they will continue to be very popular in 2021, but with some variations. Among them is the growing acceptance of the short animated videos. This type of video serves to offer more detail about a specific aspect of a product or service.

Girl doing an explainer video

They are also used to broadly describe how it works. Yes indeed, in an agile way and characterized by the creativity. Even resorting to humor to clarify concepts and functions that may be more complicated. This does not mean that these types of videos are intended only for “lighter” sectors. On the contrary, they are increasingly popular even in sectors such as healthcare or finance. As for its duration, which as we have mentioned is short, this type of animated video usually do not exceed the minute

Augmented and virtual reality and videos to buy from

Another of the trends in video marketing in 2021 that is going to gain more strength is the possibility to buy from the video. This is possible thanks to the purchase options integrated into various social networks, such as Instagram, which must be included in your video marketing strategy, and that combined with video offer a new online shopping experience. How is it possible? Thanks to the fact that while a product is viewed in a video, they can click on it if they want to buy it. Immediately afterwards, a website will open so that they can buy them. 

On the other hand, the videos designed so that those who see them have an experience as real as possible They will become more and more valid. This will mean that, within the marketing trends in 2021, the augmented and virtual reality are of notable importance. In this way, brands can bring their products even closer to their buyers. 

These are some of the main trends in video marketing for 2021, which stand out because the type of videos that will be most in vogue in video marketing requires a practically professional level in its creation. This can be helped by companies specialized in the creation of marketing videos, such as FlitCut, so if your marketing strategy for next year includes immersive or animated videos, for example, don't hesitate to put yourself in the hands of professionals.