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Creative Videos | How important is it to our company?

El 92% of marketers who already use creative videosThey say these are a very important part of their overall marketing strategy. A figure that has been rising for years and that does not seem to be going down in a context in which video is the most widespread form of communication. The question, however, is not how much video is used, but why. These are the six compelling reasons that lead professionals to communicate in this way.

1.- Google loves creative videos

What a way of saying that the SEO of your website will improve if you include video content. The reason is simple: videos increase the time that users spend on your page and the search engine interprets that you are helping them. For this reason, it rewards you with a better positioning. Which brings us to the second reason why you should consider including creative videos in your strategies.

2.- Videos convert better

A video message reaches your potential customers in a clearer, more human and more emotional way. We each interpret the written text according to our state of mind at the time. However, video does not allow for such distractions.

La music helps to center the emotion, the image is persuasive... And all this translates into more conversions and a turnover of those who make you smile.

3.- The use of creative videos boosts confidence

The influencers of the moment are on YouTube. Twich and TickTock lag behind this platform. Instagram has its own TV and even the most volatile social network, Twitter, has implemented the use of short videos in its stories. There is a reason for this and that is video multiplies trust and commitment. We are people and we like people. We trust those we see more than if we only hear or read them.

creative videos
Creative Videos | How important is it to our company?

4.- Users of mobile devices have triggered their interactions with creative videos

And most of your audience connects to the web via mobile, so it seems reasonable to adopt the preferred form of communication of your users to address them. The recommendation is to create short, impressive and effective videos.

5.- You can explain everything in a video

They are called creative videos because they appeal to creativity. It doesn't matter how complex your message is, or how deep. Videos give you the ability to use all kinds of techniques to reach your users. From cartoons to statistics. If you have professionals, you can be sure that the message will be transmitted.

6.- Everyone shares videos

Take a look at your WhatsApp or Telegram groups. How many videos have you been sent through these channels in the last week? Maybe most are irrelevant, yes. But it is in your power that the content of your creative videos is attractive, important and, above all, that it reflects who you are and fulfills your goals. Contact us. At FlitCut we will help you to achieve it.